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A place to join me in my journey towards well-being and fulfilment. As goes with life this site will evolve over time. Right now it is just the beginning, and you’re most welcome to embark with me on this path!

You will find all sorts of stuff related to my practice of yoga and my art. I’ll share insights, revelations, practices, advice, downloads and more.

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Yogini and painter?

Hi! I am Clémentine, a world citizen in search of peace and beauty. I have recently decided to follow my instinct and give yoga and art a bigger, much bigger place in my life, as a means of expression and of self-fulfilment. Both practices anchor me in the present moment, the now, where everything is as it should be.

So, away with the stress of my former job, and welcome fun, creativity, breath and focus!

Here you can follow my evolution, my thoughts and insights, as well as support my endeavour while making your life better and more beautiful.

Becoming – read on to learn more about my project

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do Yoga and Paint

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