Kids yoga

As a teacher in middle and high school, I’ve noticed over the years that more and more kids are burnt out. Kids. Ending up with chronic diseases before the age of 18. It shouldn’t make sense, but sadly the amount of stress they are under is often the cause of many ailments. It just breaks my heart when parents tell me that their 11-year-old is now better and has overcome depression.

Something that my own yoga practice has revealed to me is that yoga brings quick relief (through breathing and meditation) but also, on the long run, it helps develop strength, balance, compassion and love for oneself, as well as gratitude. I think that giving kids these habits and tools will certainly help them become happier teens and grown-ups. I hope my contribution will keep them safe from the mid-life burn-out and depression I am experiencing myself.

So here I am, at long last, a certified kids yoga teacher! I am still a trainee in many programmes, but this one is done, and it’s for the best: it seems that the yoga workshop I offer for pre-school kids will be taking place, and thanks to the certification I have a full lesson plan that I designed for the pre-schoolers and that has been validated by the Institute. And it’s recognised by Yoga Alliance, that’s a plus I’m always looking for.

I am happy and proud, all the hard work has paid off and it feels good! The lesson plan is aligned with my personality, it will be fun but I won’t be goofing about. We’ll start with an opening circle, breathing exercises, then warm-up, standing poses and balances, games, sitting and lying poses, savasana, to conclude with pranayama, meditation and closing circle.

The poses I’ve selected had several goals: all muscle groups needed to be warmed-up, strengthened and stretched – I even created a recap’ table to make sure I didn’t forget anything. They also needed to be flow nicely together and follow the order of a typical hatha yoga sequence. They needed to make sense as a sequence and for the public I’ve chosen to teach. I haven’t included poses that would be too tricky to cue or to execute at the age of 5. I want to help them build self-confidence, so the more they grow, develop and practice, the more complicated it will get.

If you’re interested in the lesson plan outline or in my amazing recap’ table just drop me a comment.

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