No kidding!

Handmade talking stick and knotted mala.

Ten days ago I took part in a yoga for kids teacher training over a week-end, with Kidding Around Yoga. Although the online part of the programme felt a bit too centred (for my taste) around the person of the founder of the method, this prejudice fell apart when the in-person training started.

Our teacher, Alex, is American and lives in Vienna, making it possible to have trainings in this part of the world. So in addition to meeting amazing like-minded women, I learnt what I needed to feel confident enough to teach children.

My previous certification was much more theoretical, and there was no hands-on practice. With the KAY training, I could practice myself how to use the songs, the games and other material provided with the method. Not only do I have tools, but also lesson plans, ideas and an extra motivation to teach kids!

And the timing couldn’t have been better: I taught my first workshop to pre-schoolers a few days later. Instead of feeling anxious I was actually excited, confident that I would have enough stuff to keep them busy for the 2-hour duration of the workshop.

I was a bit hesitant, not knowing everything perfectly, but it went as well as it could have. The kids loved it, and so did I. The biggest challenge will not be to get the kids to do yoga, but to get the one excited free-spirit to participate in calmer moments as well. I am quite sure that practicing yoga will have a beneficial impact on him 😉

Now I can’t wait to do it again, with even more confidence now that the first time around was a success. I’ll change my plan to make them discover more activities and songs, I’ll be shorter in the introductory part so that we can start with physical activity ASAP and hopefully we’ll have time for some wise tale and meditative colouring at the end…

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