Treat yourself!

The page is launched, yay!

If you like what I do, are interested in free stuff for a glimpse and paying stuff for solid contents, this page is for you!

The “free stuff” is downloadable, for instance I have uploaded a sample lesson plan outline. I plan on adding other outlines, some short yoga tutorials, and desktop images from my art.

The “paintings” are originals, with descriptions and a contact form to get an estimate (shipping included). For now, I have put 5 acrylic paintings up for sale, but the list will grow as time and inspiration allow.

The “yoga” section is still under construction. I will be adding the detailed versions of the lesson plan outlines, as well as yoga programmes to download and practice at home at your own pace and according to your needs. I am planning on having a series for beginners, a series on Yin yoga, on Yoga Nidra, to balance chakras… I have so many ideas that I hope you’ll find something to soothe and boost your body and mind.

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