No kidding!

Ten days ago I took part in a yoga for kids teacher training over a week-end, with Kidding Around Yoga. Although the online part of the programme felt a bit too centred (for my taste) around the person of the founder of the method, this prejudice fell apart when the in-person training started. Our teacher,Continue reading “No kidding!”

Kids yoga

As a teacher in middle and high school, I’ve noticed over the years that more and more kids are burnt out. Kids. Ending up with chronic diseases before the age of 18. It shouldn’t make sense, but sadly the amount of stress they are under is often the cause of many ailments. It just breaksContinue reading “Kids yoga”

Meditating with a Mala

A Japa Mala is a traditional meditation necklace made of 108 hand-knotted beads. There can be spacer beads to keep the count. Here I have chosen a regular spacing every 27 beads with larger sandalwood beads. Pink is a colour related to the heart chakra and rhodochrosite is said to calm anxiety. I thought itContinue reading “Meditating with a Mala”