Original paintings for sale


Acrylic on textured canvas

As I grew up on a beach, I miss the sound of the waves, the salty smell, the colours of the sun and the ocean.

Painting this series is a way for me to reconnect with my childhood memories and to escape in a fantasy world of serenity.

Dive with me into the elements!

Orange sunset

Reflecting into a purple wave, the orange sunset is an invitation to meditate on the beauty of nature, and maybe grab a cocktail with loved ones.


A view from above, distance allowing to take in the variety of depths and colours of the ocean, and the movement created by the currents.

Orange sunset: 50 x 40 cm – 350 euros

Currents – 50 x 40 cm – 350 euros

Mother Earth series

Acrylic on textured canvas

This series is inspired by the necessity to make more and more people aware that it’s about time we took better care of the planet that hosts and nurtures us.

With the water levels rising, the coastlines I depict could very well become a thing of the past. Yet, I have decided to show the beauty rather than the devastation, as a way of saying that there is still hope.

Tribute to Mother Earth: 40 x 50 cm – 350 euros

The Bay: 30 x 60 cm – 350 euros

The Cape: 50 x 70 cm – 470 euros

Indicated prices are in Euros and without shipping. Shipping vary depending on location and format: please contact me for an estimate.

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